Lifeguard Summer Jobs

Being a Lifeguard is a great summer job for teenagers and high-schoolers! It offers a fantastic opportunity for you to work outside during the summer and with your friends. Swim Jobs and the companies within the Pool Management Group hire over 3,000 Lifeguards and Pool Managers each summer. While the job is rewarding and fun, there is also a huge responsibility that comes with the position.

First, to become a lifeguard you must be certified in Lifeguard Training, CPR and First Aid. The certification process requires specified training in order for a Lifeguard to successfully perform their jobs. A lifeguard at all time must be diligent and prepared to act with quickness to any given situation. Lifeguards are trained professionals and receive the recognition they deserve while working with the Pool Management Group.

Many high school and college students see lifeguarding as an enjoyable and rewarding summer job. Lifeguarding requires that one be constantly alert for any dangers to the swimming pool patrons. The primary duty of a pool lifeguard is the safety of the patrons or swimmers. This primary duty includes water surveillance and rule enforcement, as well as rescues and first aid when required. Secondary duties include chemical testing of pool water, vacuuming and cleaning of the pool, completing daily report forms regarding daily duties, cleaning bathrooms, ensuring safe and clean facilities, and In-service training to maintain lifeguarding skills.

A key part of any lifeguard’s mission is the prevention of accidents. While the ability to save lives is of paramount importance to lifeguarding, the ability to prevent life-threatening situations is nearly as important.

In addition to the required certifications we assure that each Lifeguard is trained to the specific needs of a facility. We also, promote the use of the 5 minute scanning strategy as developed by Tom Griffiths, Ed. D.

If you are looking for an exciting summer job as a lifeguard, are detail oriented and enjoy working around swimming pools with a winning team, we’re looking for you.